Serving Up Plant-based Goodness at Seed Food & Wine for the Fourth Year

Serving up plant-based goodness at seed food & wine for the fourth year

della bowls + Seed Food & Wine della bowls opened at The Wynwood Yard in November 2015 while Seed Food and Wine Festival was celebrating its s...
We're head-over-heels for BeCultured Tempeh.  Here's why... and how to cook it!

We're head-over-heels for becultured tempeh. here's why... and how to cook it!

BeCultured Tempeh is the only locally-produced tempeh in South Florida. It's organic, unpasteurized, alive, and the best tasting plant-based protein imaginable! See why della bowls has been using this product since it launched in Miami, and why we continue to fall head-over-heels for BeCultured more and more every day!
Have an allergy? What you need to know about our recipes at della bowls

Have an allergy? what you need to know about our recipes at della bowls

What is a food allergy?  A food allergy is a serious and potentially life-threatening medical condition affecting up to 15 million Americans. One...
della bowls expands into new markets in Miami and Broward

Della bowls expands into new markets in miami and broward

della bowls has launched a newly-opened hub in Fort Lauderdale, with an Aventura delivery hub set to open this fall.  REEF KITCHENS, a division of REEF Technology, and della bowls today announced a partnership that will provide expanded service of della’s affordable, plant-based bowls to more customers in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.
Recipe: Sweet Potato Hummus

Recipe: sweet potato hummus

The addition of sweet potatoes and the absence of garlic gives this hummus a distinctive, unique, smooth sweetness, complimented by the nutty flavor of sesame oil and creamy chickpeas.
#dellafam Spotlight: Dana Fortune of Vegan Snack Party

#dellafam spotlight: dana fortune of vegan snack party

Students are often curious about what Dana eats, and they have a lot of questions. They think she can only eat salad! So, this year, she started a vegan Instagram profile to share the food she eats with them. She lists prices, offers recipe ideas, and shares where she shops for groceries.

Souped-up sesame broccoli recipe revealed

Souped-up sesame broccoli recipe revealed

della bowls has a tasty secret to share! Many of you #dellafam out there have asked us what we do to make our broccoli taste so damn good, even no...
Recipe alert! Make easy peasy orange sauce at home.

Recipe alert! make easy peasy orange sauce at home.

della sauces are named by color for the sake of simplicity. Don't be fooled by the simple names though, della sauces are anything but simple in fl...
build your own bowl

Build your own bowl

della bowls is just another vegan food concept, right?  Guess again! della bowls is a unique plant-based fast casual concept that serves anything B...
Work smarter with a Healthy Lunch

Work smarter with a healthy lunch

Lunch is critical to afternoon success, and a thoughtfully selected, nutrient-dense lunch can be the "maker" or "breaker" of your work day, day in and day out.
Catering for a Healthier Company

Catering for a healthier company

Healthy food makes healthy employees. Healthy employees make healthy companies. It's simple economics... companies should be investing in the health of their work force.
Customized field trips available at The Wynwood Yard

Customized field trips available at The Wynwood Yard

"This magical space was created for YOU." Our welcome sign says it all. The Wynwood Yard is a community space, aimed to elevate, educate, and empower all ages of our community.