Healthy + happy: find your ground with ahana yoga founder and fitness pro, dawn feinberg

We're highlighting ways to stay healthy and happy, as well as trying to support some of our favorite local partners, during the quarantine.

Right now we all need a dose of serenity to calm our nerves and redirect our energy.

Our friend and founder of Ahana Yoga, Dawn Feinberg, shares her insight about the power of yoga and offers you, #dellafam, a special discount to bring yoga's healing power to you and your home. 

Yoga teacher and Ahana Yoga founder Dawn Feinberg, guides a student in a pose in their new virtual studio.

della bowls: Why do you feel yoga is more important than ever right now?

Dawn: Yoga helps to ground a person down. Right now, the energy in the air is electric. There is tension that is palpable. The only way is through and it is tough. You don’t want your emotions to take you down. Yoga is the medicine.

della bowls: What has been your biggest challenge with this transition to social distancing?

Dawn: I'm a hugger. So much so that my nickname is Koala!

della bowls: What has been a silver lining that you are finding through this trying time?

Dawn: Spending some amazing time with family. We eat dinner together every night and I even learned to skate board with them!

della bowls: How are you staying connected with your community?

Dawn: My Ahana team and I have a group WhatsApp text and we stay connected with our  students through Instagram and DM. A big part of our Ahana family has been filming content for Now Ahana Yoga which created a super tight bond among us.

della bowls: What does Ahana Yoga online offer?

Dawn: We have a full yoga program on our site. We have yoga classes ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, basics to advanced, yoga philosophy, mantra, meditation —it's so good. And you can access any of the classes at your own convenience. 

Yoga teacher and Ahana Yoga founder Dawn Feinberg, guides a student in a pose in their new virtual studio. Three students do a warrior pose.

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Photos courtesy of Ahana Yoga


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