Della Heiman, founder

Growing up in the Midwest, Della’s one-of-a-kind family fostered her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Before falling in love with the food industry, Della worked in political communications, textile manufacturing, and venture capital. She even had a stint as a hot yoga teacher! After traveling the globe, she got her MBA from Harvard Business School where she was inspired to create a globally-inspired, plant-based, fast-casual concept.

Along her restaurant-opening journey, Della was inspired by the many like-minded entrepreneurs she met in Miami. Seeing their passion, she decided to build a platform that would showcase and fuel Miami’s innovative food, culture, and design concepts. In 2015, she founded The Wynwood Yard, which became known as Miami’s coolest outdoor hangout. The della bowls "test kitchen" made its debut at The Yard, and was designed to gather and adapt to community feedback in real time.

Today, Della and her team have partnered with REEF Kitchens to bring the della bowls concept to new markets across North America. She is also working on her next entrepreneurial project, The Doral Yard, which she can’t wait to share with you post-pandemic!

They say you’re only as good as the people who surround you, and for Della, that is exceptionally true.

Julie Frans, culinary

Hailing from California, Chef Julie Frans is a jack-of-all-things-culinary. She has traveled the globe as a private chef on yachts, overseen kitchen operations for large hotel corporations, and even launched her own farm-to-table catering business. Julie specializes in seasonal, nutrient-dense approaches to cooking and is an expert at all-things sustainability.  

If you’ve ever been to a della bowls cooking class, you’ve seen Julie effortlessly turn a pile of roots into a delicious blend of colorful ingredients. Her contagious smile and visionary ideas have brought light, inspiration and goodness to the entire community. Today, Julie is not only the she-boss of the kitchen, but also serves as the dynamic head of all culinary and community-building programs coming out of our doors.

Trina Sargalski, communications

Trina, our Marketing and Communications Director, first appeared as Della’s PR fairy godmother in 2015. A former journalist, food writer and public radio producer, Trina earned national and international awards for her audio documentary reporting and production work with the team at WLRN-Miami Herald News, Miami’s NPR station.

A Miami native who grew up in Southwest Miami-Dade, Trina instantly blew Della away with her deep knowledge of the community and uncanny ability to cultivate meaningful conversations. Trina showed up with one amazing lead after another, until it was obviously clear that she was the missing ingredient in Della’s della bowl. Her unique skill set, entrepreneurial spirit and endless creativity are pivotal to the success of the team. She is also our unofficial chief of curiosity and constant learning.