Serving up plant-based goodness at seed food & wine for the fourth year

della bowls + Seed Food & Wine

della bowls opened at The Wynwood Yard in November 2015 while Seed Food and Wine Festival was celebrating its second year. 

The Seed F&W team was excited to have a hot, new, local plant-based restaurant to highlight, and the della bowls team was so grateful for the immediate support from the growing festival. 

della bowls launched and the following weekend, showed up with a booth at the Seed F&W Tasting Village, sampling the beloved Mediterranean Bowl. The team was a bit worse-for-the-wear from the week of opening the new spot, but the smiles were genuine and the food spoke for itself. 

Della's "healthy bowls of happy" were an instant hit with South Florida's plant-based community at Seed, and our #dellafam began to grow. 


Over the years, della bowls and Seed Food & Wine have partnered and collaborated on a number of events and projects, and continued to support and celebrate one another. The common mission of the two organizations remains strong: to make healthy, plant-based food and beverage available and accessible, helping people live their best lives. 

We love Seed Food & Wine Festival Tasting Day!

Our team always has a ball making bowls at Seed. 

Della dons the apron and gloves and grabs a squeeze bottle... always with a huge smile!

Della at seed

Julie passes out mini bowls to hungry guests.

Connecting with old and new friends at Seed Food & Wine is always a bonus!

We are so incredibly grateful for our community. We are where we are because of our loyal friends and #dellafam. We always look forward to reconnecting with old friends and new fans at the festival. 

We captured a few shots with friends as they passed by... 

Della with Torre Washington


Della with Torre Washington













Della meets a new super-fan!





Julie with Eddie Garza

 Julie finally meets Eddie Garza in person! 


Jimmy Lebron


Chef Jimmy Lebron swings by with tasty bites to share!










The Mediterranean Bowl 2.0 debuts this year at Seed F&W

Mediterranean Bowl

This year, we served up the Mediterranean Bowl again, only this time with the added bonus of BeCultured Tempeh on top! We are nuts about BeCultured Tempeh, and love to highlight this awesome, locally-produced plant protein every chance we get! 

Read more about BeCultured Tempeh, here, and get the recipe too!

The Mediterranean Bowl features brown rice, chickpeas, roasted sweet potatoes, marinated kale, raw roots, citrus-tahini sauce, and sweet potato hummus. You can find many of these recipes on the blog so you can try your hand at making your own Mediterranean Bowl at home. 

So you want to make a della bowl at home? 

We've given you the recipes to make tempeh, sweet potato hummus, and orange sauce. (See linked highlights, above).

Here are tips for making the kale and sweet potatoes, too!

You'll also need brown rice, chickpeas, and shredded root vegetables. We use carrots, beets, and jicama, but you can use your favorite blend at home. 

Marinated Kale

We use organic curly kale. Remove the stems and wash the leaves very well. Stacking several leaves on top of one another, we roll them up like its a giant cigar. Then, we slice the roll of leaves about a half inch wide. This process is called in the kitchen to "chiffonade."  You can impress your friends with your technique and your fancy chef lingo. 

The marinade is made up of equal parts lemon juice and olive oil, and a generous pinch of salt. For one bunch of kale, you'll need about a cup of marinade, or 1/2 cup each olive oil and lemon juice.

Pro-tip: Always squeeze lemon juice fresh. Don't use packaged lemon juice, especially if it's shelf-stable. It likely contains preservatives or other ingredients that makes the flavor a little funny, and not as beneficial as fresh lemon juice. 

Pour the marinade over the kale, and squeeze the leaves slightly with clean hands. The kale can be held this way for hours. It's not like lettuce, which needs to be consumed soon after being dressed. 

Perfectly-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Making roasted sweet potatoes is pretty simple. Here's the recipe. 

sweet potatoes


diced sweet potatoes*- 4 cups 

*Pro Tip: make sure to trim off any of the brown parts

coconut oil or olive oil- 1 tablespoon

sea salt- .5 teaspoon 


Coat sweet potatoes with melted coconut oil or olive oil, and season with salt.

Roast at 350°F until tender, 30-45 minutes. 

Putting your bowl together

Layer in a large bowl: brown rice, chickpeas, and roasted sweet potatoes. 

Then add marinated kale, shredded raw roots, and a generous drizzle of orange sauce. 

Top with a big scoop of sweet potato hummus. 

Serve with a big smile! Enjoy!




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