it's so hard to say goodbye

It's so hard to say goodbye

After seven years, della bowls bids farewell on July 24th, with immense gratitude to our amazing team and community.
guest post: powering up on plant protein

Guest post: powering up on plant protein

Your guide to powering up on plant protein.
Introducing The Carmen Bowl

Introducing the carmen bowl

Available for a limited time, this plant-based and gluten-free bowl layers Japanese flavors. 
Chef Jose's current plant-based o...

Chef jose's current plant-based obsessions

Chef Jose Fuster is our GM and Chef at della bowls, as well as the Culinary Director at The Doral Yard. He's worked with (and lived on) plant-base...
A Recipe for Tabbouleh by Maral Arsla...

A recipe for tabbouleh by maral arslanian

Our friend, Maral Arslanian, shares her recipe for a fresh, healthy, and easy Middle Eastern tabbouleh salad.
meal prep like a pro: join us for wee...

Meal prep like a pro: join us for weekly live stream classes with chef julie

One silver lining we've discovered is that although we can't be physically present for our #dellafam, or connecting in person right now... we're able to connect in really awesome new ways, and grow our community like we've never done before.
recipe: della bowls' green bowl

Recipe: della bowls' green bowl

So... you've had some time to practice the art of making green sauce... and the sesame broccoli. How's that coming along? Now, let's make the remai...
Serving Up Plant-based Goodness at Se...

Serving up plant-based goodness at seed food & wine for the fourth year

della bowls + Seed Food & Wine della bowls opened at The Wynwood Yard in November 2015 while Seed Food and Wine Festival was celebrating its s...
#dellafam Spotlight: Dana Fortune of ...

#dellafam spotlight: dana fortune of vegan snack party

Students are often curious about what Dana eats, and they have a lot of questions. They think she can only eat salad! So, this year, she started a vegan Instagram profile to share the food she eats with them. She lists prices, offers recipe ideas, and shares where she shops for groceries.