Della bowls is getting sweeter with our plant-based and gluten-free desserts!

Got a sweet tooth? We've got you covered.  

Our menu has expanded with...that's right, more desserts! 

Often, people believe that a healthier lifestyle equates to permanently giving up sweet treats.

However, that's not how we do it around here--we pride ourselves on having healthy alternatives that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

Below are all of our della bowls desserts.  Some of them were original della bowls recipes, from when Della first landed in Miami and decided this was the perfect spot to open her plant-based restaurant (and the rest is history!).

Others are more recent additions--thanks to the amazing skills and talent of Chef Jose, who patiently listens to us throw around new dish ideas but then actually has to turn them into a delicious, plant-based, gluten-free reality.

almond butter cups (a.k.a ABC's)  

These little cups of joy are definitely a fan-favorite--the perfect treat for when you want something light and sweet or a great dessert school snack for the kids.

We also sell them as mini's!

Almond butter cups


Our yummy ABC's are made with almonds, cacao,  maple syrup and salt.


the bar

No, we don't mean the bar you go to for happy hour -- but we can promise you you'll be happier once you try this tasty treat. 



This bar incorporates almonds, dates, cashews, coconut, and flax. It's sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla, and flavored with pumpkin pie spice, lime, and sea salt.


No frownie with our brownie 

Few things are more satisfying than a warm chocolate brownie with a generous scoop of ice cream. That's why it was only right to have a classic on our menu with our own twist. Enjoy our brownie on its own or as a sundae.

Brownie sundae


Our brownie is loaded with almonds, cacao, coconut sugar,  vanilla, and sea salt. Top it off with some strawberry banana ice cream drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and toasted almonds and you got yourself guaranteed mouth-watering. 


Go bananas over our banana whip sundae 

Banana whip was an OG della bowls recipe from when we first launched in Miami. Della first tried the inspiration for this recipe at a restaurant called HipCityVeg in Philadelphia. She became obsessed, whipping up a personal batch on a nightly basis.

We've made this "nice cream" creation into a sundae with your choice of almond or chocolate sauces, pineapple or strawberry, and toasted coconut or almond slivers. The refreshing blend of the creamy banana whip sundae will leave you wanting seconds. 


Banana sundae


 Choose chocolate or almond maple sauce, pineapple or strawberry toppings and toasted sliced almonds or toasted shredded coconut.


We all scream for our ice cream sandwich!

There's nothing quite like an ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day.

This recipe came about because our marketing director Trina decided that she could not live another day without an ice cream sandwich on the della bowls menu. She imagined a delicious plant-based banana ice cream nestled between two soft-baked cookies. Fortunately, Chef Jose and Della both agreed with her vision for hot summer days.

Now we've your fix with our yummy banana ice cream nestled between two chocolate chip cookies. 

We also sell the cookies on their own!


Ice cream sandwich



dulce de leche macarons (yesssss)

Who doesn't love macarons? Especially if they're filled with delicious dulce de leche (a.k.a. thick caramel sauce). 

Chef Jose worked with our cook Carmen, who happens to also be a master chocolatier, to refine and perfect this recipe over and over and...over. Jose might have never wanted to see another macaron again for awhile, but you can enjoy the delicious results of our team's efforts!

Dulce de leche macarons


Which dessert will you be treating yourself to on your next visit?