Customized field trips available at The Wynwood Yard

"This magical space was created for YOU." Our welcome sign says it all. The Wynwood Yard is a community space, aimed to elevate, educate, and empower all ages of our community.

Groups of children of all ages can now enjoy curated activities and customized group experiences through our Wynwood Yard Field Trip Program.

Customized Field Trips are available mornings 9am-12pm, Tuesday through Friday, during the school year and through the summer months. Activities vary from group to group, according to group needs and themes, but may include: yoga or body movement; artistic expressions such as guided painting, drawing, or puppet making; theater and improv; gardening; culinary activities such as scissor salsa, and others. All activities, unless otherwise directed, focus on community, collaboration, consciousness, and harmony.

Schedules vary according to group age and needs, but typically run 2-3 hours. Groups can be split up into 3-4 teams, rotating between activations around the yard, in 30 minute sessions. Groups of 15 to 200 are welcome! Activities and pricing depend on group size, age, needs, and activities selected. All field trips are 100% customizable.

Lunch is optional as part of the field trip, but there no outside food is permitted at The Wynwood Yard. Lunch options may include any of the participating food concepts at The Wynwood Yard, depending on availability per scheduled date.

Please contact for all Field Trip questions and inquiries.


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