Catering for a healthier company

Healthy food makes healthy employees. Healthy employees make healthy companies. It's simple economics... companies should be investing in the health of their work force.


Healthy "lunching" as a general practice in corporate settings has proven to show positive results. Research shows that employees' eating habits can have a significant impact on productivity. Nutritious lunches and healthy habits lead to higher producing, more efficient employees, with less sick days and call-outs. This, of course, leads to a healthier bottom line for the company.

Competitive Advantage

Companies that offer wellness initiatives, including encouraging and/or providing healthy dining options have a competitive edge over companies that do not. Even offering a weekly or monthly healthy lunch for employees, especially a lunch full of brain food, antioxidants, and micro & macro nutrients, is a great way for companies to take care of employees’ health and wellness.

Efficient Use of Time

Shorter lunches mean higher productivity. Companies that offer lunch in-house are able to cut down the time it takes employees to search on line, place orders, travel outside of the office, prepare their own food, and wait for service. Less time worrying about lunch equals more time for productivity at the office.

Building Community

Eating a common meal together, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, builds in-house connections. Improve office communication by bringing employees together regularly for a healthy catered meal. Catered lunches in the workplace promote synergy, encourage collaboration, develop new relationships, introduce various departments, increase creativity and innovation. Serving delicious "brain food" for lunch produces positive results in the short and long term for companies.

Della test kitchen caters to offices, and will be catering in Doral starting in November, 2019. Bring your employees together, show you care about their wellness, and increase company productivity. Win, win, WIN!


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